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"If we are really to understand each other better, then we need to be reminded to travel carefully and thoughtfully, listening to people along the way". (Michael Palin)

Welcome to Yorkshire is the official destination management organisation for Yorkshire, working to grow the county’s visitor economy, which is worth nearly £7bn annually.  Welcome to Yorkshire is charged with the task of ensuring the tourism industry is both sustainable and built on a solid foundation for future growth.  Work encompasses major marketing initiatives, high profile PR campaigns, business support and the promotion of the official Yorkshire brand. 

Welcome to Yorkshire is also committed to encouraging the development of sustainable tourism across the county. The Sustainable Tourism Manager is respsonsible for co-ordinating this activity and working in partnership with other organisations to maximise access to resource efficiency support for tourism and the wider visitor economy.  More information can be found at www.yorkshire.com

VisitEngland Logo

VisitEngland is the strategic leadership body representing the public and private sector stakeholders of English Tourism.  It works in partnership with VisitBritain, the RDAs and local authorities, and the private sector, creating a national tourism strategy, optimising marketing investment, and developing the visitor experience across England.  VisitEngland uses EnjoyEngland as its consumer-facing brand in the domestic market and the VisitEngland brand in international markets. More information can be found on www.visitengland.org and www.enjoyengland.com.



Real World Projects Limited

Real World Projects Limited (RWP) was created in 2006 and took over the web design business of Applied Consultancy Solutions Limited in 2010.  The company has it's roots firmly in the project management of global technical projects.  Our web development team uses the same project management techniques to deliver complex online applications and services, including the Better Tourism website for VisitEngland and the SPOT tool (which forms part of it) for the ITP.  Rapidly gaining a reputation for the creation of feature-rich online tools in the sustainability field, RWP is pleased to have been involved in this project.


Ceshi Logo

CESHI Ltd was founded in 2005 from the belief that the transition to sustainable development is not an option but a necessity.  We work exclusively with tourism and hospitality businesses, the associations that represent them and public sector organisations to facilitate this transition - providing training, toolkits, research and development and strategic support services.  Our ethos is that sustainable development is good for business, good for customers and good for the environment.


 coast logo

CoaST is a tiny but vehement social enterprise working towards one planet tourism - ie a tourism providing benefits to the community, economy and environment of Cornwall and operating within our social, financial and environmental means.  We are a Social Enterprise, have a team of two full time and three part-time staff, a commited Board of Directors and many, many partners. Based in a refurbished barn in Cornwall, our role is to encourage, inform, network, research, lobby, measure, persuade, object, question, bend ears, break boundaries and never knowingly give up. 


International Tourism Partnership

The SPOT tool, used within the Green Diagnostics section of this website, was the brainchild of the International Tourism Partnership which is a global programme of the International Business Leaders Forum. (IBLF) The ITP brings together the leading corporates in the hospitality and tourism industry to demonstrate that environmental and social responsibility makes good business sense.  Our aim is to mobilise the hospitality industry to improve its impact on both environment and society by showcasing examples of leadership, working in partnership with other sectors, organisations and agendas and providing practical products, projects and solutions.  The members of the International Tourism Partnership represent some of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world, comprising over 11,100 hotel properties and 1.8 million rooms. They understand that only through collective, industry-wide action at local, destination and country levels can real progress be made towards a more sustainable hotel, travel and tourism industry.


SEA Limited

SEA is a leading company in the field of Sustainable Tourism and is the original developer of the GTBS.  SEA provides technical services for the scheme including auditing services, maintenance of the scheme’s technical standards, development of new criteria, training of grading assessors and European and International development and networking.


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